Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lemongrass soap

Lemongrass, which is a native grass from Southeast Asia, has long been recognized as a natural ingredient that provides many health benefits. Lemongrass soap is one of the innovative products that take advantage of lemongrass.

Lemongrass soap is rich in essential oil-scented lemon grass. He has a refreshing effect, soothe, soften and moisturize the skin. Lemongrass soap contains natural healing agent that is able to restore the wrinkles on the skin becomes more beautiful.

Lemongrass soap is able to open clogged pores, so it is good for people who have acne problems and oily skin. He also useful to overcome excessive sweating. It's nice if we know the benefits of natural ingredients can apply funds in a health product.

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  1. Lemongrass can be a very effective natural remedy! Even holistic clinics are using this herb for medical purposes.